Thursday, July 14, 2011

:::Life isn't Easy. Face it Calmly :::

Day by day..

Every second, every creature is increasing the life cycle. No exception, I am. And whenever the time passed, each person have an "agenda" to think. Education, employment, daily life, and marriage...

Wow, marriage here, marriage there. Semua nak cakap pasai tu. Hey, I'm already old now. Urm,,not really..Baru 23 kot mak cik.. Hahaha. Can we run away from talking about wedding? hahaha. Whatever it is, such is the reality of life. Got a passion for something. Then, itu baru normal kan.?

Forget about marriage for a while. Ada jodoh, there is the invitation card to you rite? hahaha. Another thing menyerabutkan kpala is about careers? What I will be in the next 2 years. Memang la, tok sah nak srabutkan kapla to think of something to come, undergo it carefully and focus. But, orang kata, what we today determine our future rite? Then, pejam celik pejam celik, sedaq2 dah 2 tahun kemudian, dan2 we realized what else can do it then. Takkan la tu baru nak toleh belakang? Hishhhh.

La ni, no money, no respect. Orang x pandang sangat eyh. Sebab si Inche' Money jugak la macam2 can happen. Money can make people fight, divorce, suffer, merempat and segala bagai. Ditekankan disini, money is not everything ok. There still another thing more priority. There is, of faith and piety. Sibuk kat dunia, akhirat hang pi mana. Fair and equal. Baru la haibat

Fuhh, that few of the realities of human life. Banyak lagi zarah2 tentang dunia nak kena hadap. Apapun isi dunia dan permasalahnnya, hadapilah dengan tenang. Every problem has a solution. No need to blame fate, as something good comes to all things. Have the effect of good, the bad got wisdom.Because why? Because Allah knows for everything he created.

sisa nota : kadang-kadang kite perlu pejamkan mata dan pekakkan telinga sekejap, kerana manusia itu ada juga yg tempayan dan ada jua alien kena sumpahan.

mak cik takot x? haha

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